A successful creative writing partnership has been forged from the friendship of Kentucky authors Praveen V. Arla and Bradley S. Compton.   Their creative partnership began as musicians in the vibrant punk rock music scene of Louisville in the 1990’s. 

The Girl from Avignon


The unintended consequence of an ageless life is that a loss resonates forever.  When a string of successive attacks on the empire’s scientific elite steals the life of Professor Ansley Brightmore’s spouse, the Overseers created a powerful adversary.  Fifty years later, his greatest work, the Iris is complete.  With the capacity to warp space and time, he seeks to save his lost love. When a chance meeting with a young professor shows him another way to undermine the empire’s tyranny, Ansley is faced with a choice between his selfish desires and the good of the world.  Unbeknownst to him, however, his new colleague has been seduced by an agent of the empire, and no one could predict the consequences of the introduction of the strange and demure woman from Avignon.

Jackson Price and the Plague of Planets



​Short story that chronicles the exploits of Jackson Price and his crew as they attempt to discover the origins of a mysterious virus infecting a primitive species on a newly discovered planet.  It combines humor with serious science fiction in the guise of a spy story.  



Jackson Price and the Mines of Maddness


Jackson and Sanjay reunite with long time friend Artie Trevathian.  This reunion only results in themselves being trapped in a mine on Beta Centauri-5 with no way out. They soon become prey to the horrors found within.