The Girl from Avignon: Book One

The financial collapse gave us the men who could fulfill the promise of rebuilding. Now the Arameus Empire and its select few control life and death itself. When the Overseers plan to use this power to enslave the Natural Born outside the empire, a trio of rebels form an unlikely bond, and the consequences are more far-reaching than they could have imagined.

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Debut authors Arla and Compton’s ambitious first novel in the Arameus Chronicle combines fast-paced action with a thoughtful exploration of the ethical implications of technological advances. 

Kirkus Reviews

The Girl from Avignon is a compelling story of a dystopian world where some of the most tragically flawed characters you will ever meet become engaged in a fight for love, power, and equality. This brilliantly crafted novel is an important work that raises serious questions about the ethics of modern science and the irrepressible power of human desire.

Bobbi Buchanan, editor of New Southerner



Four Star Rating ****

The Girl from Avignon is a gripping dystopian novel. It looks at the themes of eternal youth in a new way, integrating a scientific background and compelling backstory. The characters are diverse, each with their own motivations. 

Mary Bennings of RT Book Reviewer

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